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no one knows what's going on here

no, really.

we don't.

i mean, we're making a few deductive guesses, but that's about it.


to demonstrate how scattered everything is here, the phebe cat has volunteered to act out impersonations of what we've figured out so far.

because if there's one thing we've learned this past year, no one expresses befuddlement like the phebe cat.



th has officially joined the cactus garden as a writer, instead of just sliding by on the sidelines pretending to just be a dedicated reader.

seriously, that's how many links he's passed on to kb and me over the years.

his first seeds post is here.



the cactus garden has a new design, but that's only because i get design antsy and have decided cactus web designs might be seasonal. 

or whatever.



i've almost finished my gastronomy grad program. 

i'm working my thesis, which is about drinking holidays, this summer. 


if' you've already taken my st. patrick's day survey and/or cinco de mayo survey, thank you.

you effing rock. 

if you haven't taken either survey, but would like to, you still can.

just click on the links above, cause i'm too lazy to post them twice and all that. 


there will also be a fourth of july survey coming up.

sensibly, i'll post it after the holiday happens.

just an f.y.i. there.



the epicurean canon has gotten out of control. 

it's overgrown it's page and, instead of being sensible and weeding it out, we just gave it more space. 

these things happen.


seriously, though, it's attack of the books over there.



and that's about all we know. 

posting is going to be happening back on a regular schedule. 

smart things might be said, but that's unlikely because summertime rots brains cells. 


so, whatever.

let's just be friends again.


for now, my brain hurts.

i can't tell if i'm seeing double, or if i just have two eyeballs in my head. 

who knows? it could be both.

but this is where we are. 

we think.


thank goodness phebe, at least, knows how to deal with this all...


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